Disadvantages Of Skylights
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Disadvantages Of Skylights

From rising temperatures to cost increases, these are some of the disadvantages of installing skylights in your home or building.

The Disadvantages Of Skylights

There are five common disadvantages of installing skylights:

  • Heating and cooling costs increase.
  • Heat gain.
  • Heat loss.
  • Limits on space.
  • Interior damage.

You can find more information regarding the advantages of skylights right here!

Heating And Cooling Costs Increase

Appropriately, SFGate dubbed skylights as “year-round energy losers”, because a well-insulated skylight will actually lose more heat during colder months. Meanwhile, in warmer months like June, rooms with skylights will have a higher temperature due to the increase in sunlight and Solar Heat-Gain Coefficient (SHGC). SHGC is a measure of how much direct sunlight translated to solar heat is acquired and held by a window frame. This will undoubtedly raise the temperature in the room.

Heat Gain

According to Energy Vanguard, the following factors need to be used to calculate energy efficiency: U-Factor, Solar Heat-Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and R-values. In short, this means that since skylights are less insulated than typical roofs or walls, plus added sunlight exposure, equates to a much hotter room. U-Factor is a calculation used to determine how much heat loss occurs overall. This means a window with a low U-Factor will be better insulated. R-Values are used to calculate insulation for other areas of the home or building. The higher the R-Value is, the larger the amount of insulation present.

Check out the International Energy Conservation Code for the latest information.

Heat Loss

Since a glass skylight will not conduct heat the same way a wall or ceiling made of wood/concrete will in the winter months, cold air will seep in easier. Dwell suggests using skylights that have insulation, which means all hardware inside the skylight is not attached to hardware outside the skylight. An alternative option to reduce heat loss is to apply film to the skylight in order to limit solar radiation. Solar tubes, meanwhile, will not contribute to heat loss.

Limits On Space

Of course, when skylights are installed on the roof of a home or commercial building, they will drastically reduce the amount of space for other equipment, such as air conditioners or backup generators. This may be more of an issue for a home rather than a large building with a plethora of space on the roof. Some residential buildings, though, can have this equipment installed on ground level.

Interior Damages

Since skylights are much larger than the average window, they will allow more sunlight to enter a home. That sounds great, but it can lead to an increase in fading materials like fabric or wood. One more factor to consider is the fact that an improperly installed skylight could lead to leaks and eventual water damage. Speak with your insurance agent beforehand to see if your policy covers damages caused by improper installation.

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Skylights And Roof Windows
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Skylights And Roof Windows

If you have ever wondered what the difference is between sky lights and roof windows when it comes to reviewing natural lighting options- read on to learn more.


A skylight opens from the ceiling through the roof, hence allowing the flow of natural light from the outside to the inside. The opening can then be covered with transparent and translucent material allowing light of a natural kind to enter a room.

Roof Window

As you can imagine it really is a window in the roof giving you the advantage of increased ventilation as they can be either fixed or openable.

When you want to increase the natural amount of light in your home consider a skylight. If you want an increase in ventilation and natural light consider a roof window or an openable skylight. If you want all of that and to see a greater view of the outside world, then you will want an openable roof window!

A roof window is literally a window in the roof.  Allowing natural light, increased ventilation and the sight of clouds and stars in your room.

Roof windows can be openable or fixed and are designed to be a feature of the room.

So, if you are just wanting to increase the natural light in your home then consider a skylight.   If you’d like increased natural light and increased ventilation then consider an openable skylight or roof window.  If you’d like increased light and would like to see the outside inside then consider a roof window.  And if you’re after increased natural light, wanting to see the outside and increased ventilation then it’s an openable roof window for you.

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Skylight Frequently Asked Questions
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Skylight Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Skylight?

A skylight allows sunlight to enter the home through the ceiling, increasing the amount of natural daylight in a room.

How Do Skylights Work?

A skylight works by having a dome on the roof, and a diffuser in the ceiling on the room.  Sunlight is transmitted through the dome to the diffuser, where it is spread evenly into the room.

What Types of Skylights are Available?

  • Roof windows – a roof window is a window that is installed into the roof, and it allows you to see directly outside.  Roof windows can be fixed or openable.
  • Traditional skylights – these are square or round in shape and they consist of the roof dome and the ceiling diffuser.
  • Tubular skylights – like traditional skylights, these consist of a roof dome and a ceiling diffuser but the dome and the diffuser is joined by highly reflective tubing.  The tubing bounces the sunlight down it and the result is more light entering the room.

Do Skylights Create Heat in the Room?

Because skylights let in sunlight, they can also create small amounts of additional heat in the room.

Can Skylights be Shaded?

Skylights can be shaded by using special blinds that are designed to go over the diffuser.  These blinds are held in place by special mounting brackets and they can be fully or partially open depending on how much light you want to let through.

Can Skylights be Opened?

Skylights are generally fixed in place but you will find that some manufacturers make openable skylights. These allow you to open them to a certain degree to improve ventilation in the room.

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Skylights Advantages and Disadvantages
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Skylights Advantages and Disadvantages

Skylights are often a great addition to any property but let’s look at some of the specific advantages and disadvantages of skylights.

Extra Daylight

Skylights bring additional daylight into any room even during the darker winter months.

Energy Savings

With additional natural sunlight, electricity costs and lighting can be reduced and at colder times they can help to hear the space and reduce heating requirements.


Skylights can be designed in many styles to maximize the local climate and conditions. It can catch early morning sunlight but also miss the overly hot sun from the afternoon. skylights are also with coatings or shades to prevent overheating.


Skylights can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of a room and have the additional benefit to create dramatic lighting and a sense of ascension to the room.

Overheating And Over-Lighting

Some issues can come up with an excess of heat and light entering a room, therefore it is important to consider the size, placement and direction of the space you are lighting.

Heat Loss

Sometimes skylights can cause loss of heat during the cooler months. It is important homeowner pick skylights that are thermally broken and the glass has the correct insulation.


It is important a skylight is sealed correctly and installed properly. If it is not, moisture problems and leaks can result and turn into a serious issue.

Cleaning Troubles

Skylights can be very tough to clean and sometimes unsafe. Ideally you will want to make sure they are installed in areas where debris cannot fall on to them.

Elite Solar Lighting & Fans Is A Solar Tube Installer Located In Arizona

Elite Solar Lighting & Fans offers residential and commercial solar tube installation services throughout the entire United States, including ArizonaCaliforniaNew Mexico, and more.