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Why Solar Lighting

There are many benefits of installing tubular skylights for your home including the following.

  • Blends Into the Roof Line!

  • UV Protection Protects Against Fading Furniture, Clothing, & Rugs!

  • Dust and Bug Proof Sealing System!

  • No Leaks, Water Tight and Maintenance Free!

  • Fits Nearly Any Roof Pitch and Will Adapt to Any Kind of Roofing System!

  • Quick Installation – Very Few Steps Needed!

  • No Structural Changes Needed (No Wiring Or Painting)!

ETS Model with Elbows

Dome Assembly: Captures Natural Daylight while keeping Harmful UV Rays and Heat Out.

Light Scatter Disk: Helps disperse light evenly and get rids of the rainbow effect inside your home interior.

Roof Flashing: One-Piece Seamless, Aluminum Flashing, prevents roof leaks. (painted by installer to match your roof color)

Light Tube/Adjustable Elbow:  98% Reflective Anodized Light Tube, transfers pure natural daylight.

Ceiling Kit: Aluminum Trim Ring (attaches to drywall), Aluminum Powder Coated Decorative Ring (Holds Diffuser and attaches to Trim Ring)

Triple Panel Diffuser: Disperses comfortable natural daylighting into your living space.

Residential Tubular-Skylights-Solar-Tubes


If you are searching for “Residential Solar Tubes” or “Residential Tubular Skylights” in Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Glendale, Sun City, Surprise or Peoria Arizona, Elite Solar Lighting & Fans can help!

Solar tubes do not contribute to heat gain or loss unlike other types of skylights. Save money by installing residential tubular skylights versus installing incandescent or traditional skylights. Give us a call today at (480) 635-9748 or fill out our estimate form for a free solar tube installation quote.

Tubular Skylights For Your Home Environment

Our Tubular Skylights can transform any dark room or living space into a brilliant bright vivid area. Our Elite Tubular Skylights are easy to install, there is no need to make any structural changes, and are maintenance-free. No matter how big your room is we have different sizes to fit your needs. Installing Elite Tubular Skylights in your home not only reduces your electricity bill but also helps the environment by not consuming electricity during the day, you also increase health benefits by receiving natural daylight. Have a better quality of life by introducing natural sunlight into your home with our Tubular Skylights.

6″, 10″, 13″, 18″ Residential Sizes Available

Approximate Area Coverages of:

6” – 75 sq. feet

(Equivalent to 2750 Lumens)
Bathrooms, Closets, Hallways, Pantries

10” – 150 sq. feet

 (Equivalent to 3750 Lumens)
Bathrooms, Closets, Hallways, Pantries

13” – 250 sq. feet

 (Equivalent to 6500 Lumens)
Bedrooms, Master Baths, Kitchen

18” – 500 sq. feet

 (Equivalent to 11000 Lumens)
Great Rooms, Living Rooms, Large Dens

Pitched Flashing

For Inclined Roof with a 3-5/12 (14-23 degree) pitch.

Photo Credit: Chandlers Roofing

Flat Flashing

For Completely Flat and Slightly Pitched Roofs with up to a 2/12 (9 degree) pitch.

Photo Credit: Brandt Builders

Curb Flashing

For Roofs with an existing or new built up curb.

Photo Credit: Chandlers Roofing

Dome Assemblys

High Impact Acrylic with UV stabilizers, vacuum-formed, and seal locked onto aluminum ring. Engineered to eliminate heat and moisture. Scatter Disk insert is also made from high-impact acrylic with UV stabilizers.

Light Tube & Elbow

98% Reflectivity MIRO-SILVER Aluminum, .020″ Thickness, resistent to to moisture, corrosion and extreme temperatures.

Prismatic Diffuser

Standard for all our Tubular Skylight, distributing light evenly throughout the desired location of the Tubular Skylight install.

MaxLum Diffuser

Provides an intense lighting effect versus the Prismatic Diffuser, more suitable for ceiling heights taller than 12 feet.

White Diffuser

Produces a softened light effect reducing glare compared to Prismatic and Maxlum diffusers.

Flashing Extension

(Tubular Skylight Accessory)

Flashing Extensions are available to raise the Dome Assembly from tall S-Style roof tiles, and other obstructions.

Aluminum Skirts

(Tubular Skylight Accessory)

Recommended for all types of Tile Roofs, for extra protection against leaks.

Bathroom Exhaust Vent

(10” Elite Tubular Skylight Accessory)

Maximize your bathroom or laundry room space by adding an Exhaust Fan Kit to your Elite Tubular Skylight, an All-In-One Solution.

  • 10” Elite Tubular Skylight
  • Exhaust Fan Kit (150 cfm or 80 cfm motor options)
  • Light Kit (optional add-on)

This Exhaust Vent Kit is a perfect complement to our 10″ Elite Tubular Skylight. This combo gives you precise daylighting that you desire plus a ventilation system with very minimal sound, and clean, uncluttered ceiling.

If you would like to take it one step further, we offer the option to incorporate our Light Kit within the same Tubular Skylight unit to provide you with the perfect evening lighting.

Light Kits

(Tubular Skylight Accessory)

Our Elite Tubular Skylight allows the flexibility to provide you with light when the sun is not shining at it’s brightest or at night. Our Elite Light Kit fits perfectly inside your tubular skylight to make sure you are in full control of your preferred lighting. We offer a single and dual light kit, both come standard with “Daylight” bulb.


Remote Controlled, Wall Mount Switch, Wand Controlled

(Tubular Skylight Accessory)

With our Dimmer Kits you have the ability to adjust or block off the amount of daylight that is coming in through your Elite Tubular Skylight. Perfect for bedrooms, movie rooms, classrooms, conference rooms and many other rooms when daylight is not needed. Dimmer comes assembled with light tube section, easily attaches to light tube or ceiling trim ring.

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If you are searching for “Residential Solar Tubes” or “Residential Tubular Skylights” in Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Glendale, Sun City, Surprise or Peoria Arizona, Elite Solar Lighting & Fans can help!