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          We take pride in the high quality materials and workmanship invested in each and every one of our products. Each ELITE Solar Exhaust Fan has a Limited-Lifetime Warranty. Due to our meticulous engineering and specifications, our fans are expected to last and perform efficiently for years to come.

          The ELITE Fan cannot be altered in any way by the end user. This warranty is extended to the original purchaser and may be transferable, as long as the ELITE Fan remains at the location shown on the warranty certificate.

          Elite Solar Systems, Inc. extends a Limited-Lifetime Warranty on all parts and mechanisms on all ELITE Solar Exhaust Fans to be free of defects in material and workmanship. The defects stated on this warranty are defined as imperfections that may impair the functionality of the ELITE Solar Exhaust Fan. This warranty is subject to proper installation of the unit in accordance with the manufacturer’s written installation instructions.

          This Limited-Lifetime Warranty does not cover the following: damage caused by misuse, abuse, scratching, corrosive atmosphere contaminants, lightning, earthquakes, windstorms, tornadoes, flooding, fire, modification, vandalism, negligence, or any other natural disaster, other causes beyond the control of Elite Solar Systems, Inc. or the installing dealer/distributor. This warranty also does not cover changes in the powder coated finish, which may occur with the passage of time.

          In no event shall Elite Solar Systems, Inc. be accountable for direct or indirect loss, consequential damage, or any other claims except as provided for in this warranty. Defective components will be replaced free of charge for up to 10 years from the date of installation. This warranty will not cover the cost of labor, applicable taxes, shipping or other consequential expenses related to the removal, return, or re-installation. See your local dealer/distributor for applicable charges.

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