Skylights Advantages and Disadvantages
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Skylights Advantages and Disadvantages

Skylights are often a great addition to any property but let’s look at some of the specific advantages and disadvantages of skylights.

Extra Daylight

Skylights bring additional daylight into any room even during the darker winter months.

Energy Savings

With additional natural sunlight, electricity costs and lighting can be reduced and at colder times they can help to hear the space and reduce heating requirements.


Skylights can be designed in many styles to maximize the local climate and conditions. It can catch early morning sunlight but also miss the overly hot sun from the afternoon. skylights are also with coatings or shades to prevent overheating.


Skylights can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of a room and have the additional benefit to create dramatic lighting and a sense of ascension to the room.

Overheating And Over-Lighting

Some issues can come up with an excess of heat and light entering a room, therefore it is important to consider the size, placement and direction of the space you are lighting.

Heat Loss

Sometimes skylights can cause loss of heat during the cooler months. It is important homeowner pick skylights that are thermally broken and the glass has the correct insulation.


It is important a skylight is sealed correctly and installed properly. If it is not, moisture problems and leaks can result and turn into a serious issue.

Cleaning Troubles

Skylights can be very tough to clean and sometimes unsafe. Ideally you will want to make sure they are installed in areas where debris cannot fall on to them.

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