Skylight Frequently Asked Questions
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Skylight Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Skylight?

A skylight allows sunlight to enter the home through the ceiling, increasing the amount of natural daylight in a room.

How Do Skylights Work?

A skylight works by having a dome on the roof, and a diffuser in the ceiling on the room.  Sunlight is transmitted through the dome to the diffuser, where it is spread evenly into the room.

What Types of Skylights are Available?

  • Roof windows – a roof window is a window that is installed into the roof, and it allows you to see directly outside.  Roof windows can be fixed or openable.
  • Traditional skylights – these are square or round in shape and they consist of the roof dome and the ceiling diffuser.
  • Tubular skylights – like traditional skylights, these consist of a roof dome and a ceiling diffuser but the dome and the diffuser is joined by highly reflective tubing.  The tubing bounces the sunlight down it and the result is more light entering the room.

Do Skylights Create Heat in the Room?

Because skylights let in sunlight, they can also create small amounts of additional heat in the room.

Can Skylights be Shaded?

Skylights can be shaded by using special blinds that are designed to go over the diffuser.  These blinds are held in place by special mounting brackets and they can be fully or partially open depending on how much light you want to let through.

Can Skylights be Opened?

Skylights are generally fixed in place but you will find that some manufacturers make openable skylights. These allow you to open them to a certain degree to improve ventilation in the room.

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