Solar Tube Lighting
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What Are The Drawbacks To Solar Tube Lighting

There are numerous benefits associated with solar tube lighting, including less pollution and free energy source. So, are there any drawbacks to investing in solar tube lighting? Let’s find out!

1. Limited Design Options

It’s no surprise that solar tubes come with limited design styles. Solar tubes will not add any aesthetic value to your home beyond conveying light. Be aware that you will not be able to see through the tubes to look outside after installation.

2. Noisy

Many solar tubes will feature additional aluminum reflectors. While this is a great enhancement for sunlight, it will also generate lots of noise on particularly windy days.

3. Only One Source Of Energy

Since the sun is the only energy source in solar-power systems, this can become problematic. Bad weather conditions will certainly affect and limit the function of the solar tube lighting system. Home and/or business owners will be forced to find an alternative lighting source on days like these.

4. Lack Of Ventilation

Unfortunately, installing a ventilation system within solar tube lighting is not possible. This means you will not feel any heat or cool wind funneling through the system.

5. Uses Lots Of Space

This drawback comes into play during the solar tube installation process. Lots of space is required for the installation of these units. Smaller homes, specifically, may face a few headaches during installation. Make sure you have enough space in your home for solar tube lighting before purchase.

6. Thermosiphon

Constructed of aluminum, the light pipes are incredibly efficient at conducting heat. However, during the colder seasons, it is possible for the pipes to leak heat from the home’s interior. This will reduce the R value, overall.

7. Not Suitable For All Homes

As expected, solar tubes are not the best source of lighting for every home or building. Most tubes are designed for conventional roofing with a slope in the 15-60 degree range. Roofs that are very steep or flat pose challenges during the installation process. It is strongly suggested this lighting system be installed atop the roofing since they do not work well on ground level.

Should I Invest In Solar Tube Lighting?

Homeowners are continuing to invest in solar tube lighting because electric bills can be lowered almost instantly. There are seemingly no limitations when it comes to the location of these tubes since installation will not require any alterations to the home. Check your attic area to make sure there is enough room to run a light tube. Any and all obstructions need to be moved prior to installation.

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