How Much Do Tubular Skylights Cost
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How Much Do Tubular Skylights Cost?

On average, tubular skylights will cost $450+ in the U.S. in 2021. Vented skylights, meanwhile, will cost upwards of $750, according to Thumbtack.

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Tubular Skylights

Tubular skylights are typically 10 to 14-inch diameter tubes that are installed directly into a roof. Then, the lights are covered with glass or even plexiglass which lets natural light into your home. These skylights have the exact same illuminating effect of a few 100-watt light bulbs. They are capable of lighting a 200-square-foot room.

To soften any glare, these tubes will have a diffuser in one end. However, because you’ll have a tube stuck in your roof, there will not be a view provided, unlike fixed or vented skylights. Fixed skylights vary widely in price, costing anywhere from $150-$1,000. A fixed double-domed skylight starts at $450+.

Installation Requirements

Since the installations don’t need alternations to framing, there are not many limitations as to where you will be able to locate your light tube. Remember and check the attic, ensure there’s enough room or you to do a straight run. However, should you come across an obstruction, you can always use elbows and/or flexible tubing to go around it. Vaulted ceiling makes it easy to install light tubes as you will only need 12 inches off tubing (take or give an inch).

The following evaluations should be made in advance:


Living in an area that has high humidity can cause condensation to the interior of the tube can cause issues. You can cut down on the amount of condensation by wrapping the tube up using (R-15) or (R-19) insulation. There are a few manufacturers who provide sections of tubing that have small fans built in to them to help in removing any moist air. Anyone living in an area that is prone to hurricanes can opt to have an extra hardy dome made of poly carbonate.


You will get the best results from your globe if it is mounted on the southwest side of the roof. In choosing the spot where to run the tube is required to make sure that it is 14 feet in length, or less. I you place the globe right above the target room, it could convey up to 98% more exterior light. If the tube is able to twist and turn, you will get a minimal amount of light.

Roof framing spacing:

The standard rafters should be spaced at 16” on center, and gaped enough to fit a 10” or a 14” tube. Should your homes rafters be spaced at 16” on center, they have available a special order for a 21” tube that has light coverage for up to 600 square feet.

Roofing material:

The kits have been designed having asphalt shingles in the idea, however, they also work well with shakes and/or shingles. With flashing adapters available to use for the metal or tile roofing’s.

Roof slope:

Many of the light kits will include flashing which is installed on roof having slopes that range between 150 (having a 3” 12 pitch) or a 600 (a n20” 12 pitch).

Tubular Skylights Pros & Cons

Tubular Skylight Pros

  • Light your home or office and save money on electricity
  • Natural source of daylight with no heat gain or glare
  • Won’t fade your furniture or clothing
  • Almost no repairs or maintenance
  • Cost less to install than traditional skylights and doesn’t require any major construction
  • You can receive federal tax credits that will help lower the cost of installation
  • No loss of cooling or heating energy
  • Leak and damage proof design
  • Dimmer kits can be installed to block out light in entertainment rooms
  • Won’t build water condensation over time
  • Beneficial in selling your home faster and a preferred upgrade to Realtors
  • Our construction is quality built and made for extreme Arizona temperatures

Tubular Skylight Cons

  • Tubular skylights don’t offer a direct look at the sky
  • Tubular skylights can’t be opened like traditional skylights
  • More expensive to install over traditional skylights
  • Damaged flashing can lead to roof leaks if someone tries to customize the install
  • Can’t block out light for entertainment rooms without a dimmer kit installed
  • Not all are made for extreme temperatures

By considering the pros and cons of tubular skylights, you can make a better choice on the type of natural lighting system for your business or home.

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