Solar Tube Installation Cost
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Solar Tube Installation Costs 2023

The average cost of solar tube installation is $800 per tube. Typically, prices will range from $600-$1,000 in 2023. If your roof is made of anything other than asphalt, though, you may need to pay extra for adapters.

Average Solar Tube Installation Cost

Solar tubing is always priced by diameter size and may vary based upon manufacturer. With that being said, home and business owners should expect to pay the following for solar tubes:

  • 10-inch solar tubes: $150-$300
  • 14-inch solar tubes: $400-$550
  • 18-inch solar tubes: $600-$750
  • 19-inch solar tubes: $800+

Solar Tube Installation Cost Factors

There are several factors that can alter the overall price tag. One obvious factor is the number of tubes being installed, since most contractors will charge per tube instead of hourly work.

Roof Type

Solar tubing is designed specifically for asphalt roofing, which means any other material will call for the addition of a flashing adapter. This will help prevent any damage to your roofing. Combined with labor, adapters should cost anywhere from $70-$150.


Contractors may suggest taking steps to reduce condensation build up on the interior of the tubing. Insulation will cost $0.90 per square foot, with an additional $50-$100 for service.

Rafter  Spacing

Standard rafters are usually spaced 16 inches on the center. If this is not the case at your home or business, you will need to have custom tubes made. These tubes will be 21-inches and come with a cost of $900-$1,000 per tube.

Solar Tube Installation Labor Costs

Labor costs for solar tube installation ranges from $150-$250 per tube. You can expect the costs to be higher if the roof requires an adapter. If this is the case, tack on an additional $50-$100 to your budget.

DIY Or Hire A Professional For Solar Tube Installation?

While installing solar tubing can be a manageable DIY task, most homeowners are not ready for how challenging the installation process can be. You will need to have some experience cutting into both the ceiling and roofing. If the tubing is not installed properly, there is potential for water damage to destroy the roofing. It’s always best to contact a professional for this task.

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