Keep A Room Facing The Sun Cool
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How To Keep A Room Facing The Sun Cool

Keeping a room facing the sun cool requires a mixture of design and functional factors. Factors like window coverings, blinds, awnings, and lightly colored furniture can decrease the sun’s effect on interior temperatures and help make the area more comfortable. A decrease in the amount of energy need to cool a room can also aid in cutting monthly energy bills.

Ways to Keep A Room Facing The Sun Cool

Sustaining a cool living environment is an essential factor of comfortable living on sunny days. There are several simple yet effective ways you can do to keep a room cool facing the sun. Below are the ways to keep a room facing the sun cool


A standard, double-paned window is going to allow nearly 3/4th of the sun’s heat to enter the room. Energy-efficient, double-paned windows decrease that amount without decreasing natural visible light. With lesser heat from the sun, you’re a/c unit won’t have work as hard to control the temperature.

Window Treatments

Utilizing drapery or curtains to cover sunlight facing windows throughout times of direct sunlight is going to keep the room cooler. Window treatments that have a lightly colored or reflective backing are ideal. Roller-type shades also offers protection from the heat of the sun. Adjustable blinds enable you to direct and control sunlight throughout the room. Totally closed, they offer a light and heat barrier.


Adjustable and/or fixed awnings can block direct sunlight and at the same time allowing total use of the window(s). Awnings also allows the window to be opened for venting during hot times of the day to help in keeping the room cool.

Outdoor Plants

Placing trees and other outdoor shrubbery around windows can also give shade to decrease the direct heat of the sun. Larger leafed or thicker plants work the best to block the sun while at the same time allowing air-flow for great circulation. Stay away from planting on the south side of your home. This is going to reduce passive solar heating throughout the cooler months.


With a lot of sunlight that brightens a room, light bulbs that generate heat might not be necessary. Turning off the lights can allow you’re A/C system to cool a room more effectively and provide some savings on energy bills.


Ceiling fans can help because they draw cooler air from the floor up to the ceiling, where the hot air goes to. Box type or window fans can be ran throughout the evening to pull the hot air out and draw the cooler air in from other opened windows.


Humid air can make the room feel more warm. Decrease the humidity level with a room de-humidifier. Placing plants inside the room can also help manage humidity levels. Try to avoid activities that adds humidity to the air, like washing clothes or showering, throughout hotter periods of the day.

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