Benefits of the Sun
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Benefits Of The Sun

From a scientific standpoint, sunshine has tons of benefits for our bodies. Below are 7 perfect reasons to go outside and get some sun.

Improves Sleep

Your body produces a hormone known as melatonin that is vital to helping you sleep. Since your body begins producing it when it gets dark, you typically begin to feel sleepy around 2 hours following the sun setting, in which is one of the reasons why our bodies naturally stay up more later during the summer months.

Research shows that 1 hour of natural sunlight in the morning is going to help you sleep better. Sunshine balances your circadian rhythm by letting your body know when it’s time to increase and/or decrease your melatonin levels. The more sunlight you can be exposed to, the greater chance your body is going to generate melatonin when it’s time for bed.

Reduces Stress

Melatonin additionally reduces stress sensitivity and being outside is going to help your body naturally balance melatonin, in which could help decrease your stress level. Furthermore, since you’re usually doing something active when outside (playing basketball, running, etc.), that additional exercise also aids in lowering stress.

Sustains Strong Bones

One of the greatest (and simplest) ways for getting Vitamin D is by being going outside. Our bodies create Vitamin D when they exposed to sunlight—around fifteen minutes in the sun a day is enough when you are fair skinned. And because Vitamin D aids your body in maintaining calcium and preventing brittle, slender, or malformed bones, soaking in the sunlight might be just what the doctor ordered.

Helps Keep The Weight Off

Going outside for thirty minutes anytime between 8 in the morning and noon has been associated to weight loss. There, obviously, might be other elements to this, but it appears there’s a connection between sunlight in the early hours and keeping the weight off.

Strengthens Our Immune System

Vitamin D is also vital for our immune system, and with continual exposure to sunlight, you are able to help improve it. Healthy immune systems are able to help decrease the chance of illness, infections, some cancers, and mortality following surgery.

Staves Off Depression

It’s not just in our heads; there’s scientific reasoning that being in the sunshine betters our moods. Sunshine increases your body’s serotonin levels, that is a chemical that improves your mood and aids you in staying calm and focused. Increased exposure to natural light could help in easing the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder—mood changes that usually happens in the fall and winter seasons when there are lesser hours of daylight.

Can Give You A Longer Life

Research that followed thirty thousand Swedish women shows that those that spent more time in the sun lived 6 months to 2 years longer than those with lesser sun exposure. More studies need to be done in this field, but it’s something scientists are continually researching.

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