Benefits Of Sunlight Through Windows
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Benefits Of Sunlight Through Windows

What benefits are associated with sunlight exposure through your home’s windows?

5 Benefits Of Sunlight Through Windows

The truth is sunlight that enters our home can have numerous benefits on individuals. Below are five of the biggest benefits of indoor sunlight exposure.

1. Improves Sleep

Melatonin is a vital hormone needed for restful sleep. When darkness sets in, your body will begin producing this hormone. Typically, this means you will start feeling tired approximately 2 hours after the sun sets. This is one of the reasons why our bodies tend to stay awake later during the summer months.

Studies show that 1 hour of natural sunlight in the morning will help you sleep better that night. The more sunlight exposure, the better the chance your body generates melatonin in the evening.

2. Strengthens Immune System

It’s no secret that Vitamin D is crucial to maintaining a healthy immune system. Direct exposure to sunlight is a great way to acquire this nutrient. A strong immune system gives you the best chance possible to fight illness, infections and some cancers. You can either spend time by the window or head outdoors to take in valuable sunlight.

3. Longer Lifespan

A study that followed 30,000 Swedish women recently concluded that individuals who spent more time exposed to sunlight tended to live 6 months to 2 years longer. Of course, this study compared those exposed to a lot of sunlight to individuals experiencing less exposure. Scientists continue to study the connection between sunlight exposure and overall lifespan.

4. Reduces Stress

Going outdoors when the sun is shining gives your body a natural balance of melatonin, which reduces stress sensitivity. This can, in turn, quickly reduce stress levels. Additionally, taking in sunlight outdoors can mean you are being physically active. Exercise further aids the process of reducing stress.

5. Staves Off Depression

Science shows that sunshine ultimately improves moods. Sunlight can increase the body’s serotonin levels, which will improve moods and help us to stay calm. Increased sunlight exposure helps in easing the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. Decreases in sunlight during wintertime can cause mood swings.

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