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If you are searching for “Tubular Skylights” or “Solar Tubes” in Tucson, South Tucson, Casas Adobes, Oro Valley, Tortolita, Flowing Wells, Drexel Heights or Tanque Verde, Arizona, our dealer Tru-Lite Skylights can help! Tru-Skylights is a tubular skylight contractor providing residential and commercial solar tube installations in Tucson, Arizona and surrounding cities. Give Tru-Lite Skylights a call today at 520-622-2152 or fill out our contact form for a free solar tube / tubular skylight quote in Tucson.

What Are Solar Tubes & Tubular Skylights?

Solar tubes, also known as natural light skylights or tubular skylights, are a type of natural lighting system for your home or business that do not contribute to radiant heat gain or loss like some other types of skylights systems do. Save more money than ever before by having our contractors install tubular skylights vs. installing incandescent or traditional skylights. ” Natural lighting systems” allow for any residential or commercial room to be converted into a brighter, more vivid area.

How Do Tubular Skylights Work?

Tubular skylights or solar tubes work by capturing the suns radiant energy via a dome that is placed on your roof. After the sun is captured in the dome, it travels through a reflective tube that bounces and multiplies the light, even when the sun is going down or is in a lower position. These tubular skylight systems also help filter out UV rays that the sun produces. Will solar tubes work if its kind of cloudy outside or the sun is in a low position? Yes, we use the highest quality solar cells that work even though the sun is low or there is an overcast outside. Your solar tube system will even work when the sun is extremely low or a very cloudy day.

Tubular Skylight Installation In Tucson, Arizona

Tru-Lite Skylights offers tubular skylight installation in Tucson, Arizona and the surrounding areas. Solar tubes are affordable and quick to install, plus, their is no need to make major structural changes to your home or business. Furthermore, installing tubular skylights helps reduce the amount of energy you are using and help reduce your carbon footprint. Also, there are many health benefits that spawn from receiving natural daylight. Increase you, your family or staffs quality of life by installing residential or commercial tubular skylights.

Residential Tubular Skylights

Residential Tubular Skylights Sante Fe - Residential Solar Tubes Sante Fe

Residential solar tubes / tubular skylights allow natural daylight into your residence to naturally light your home and reduce utility costs. Tru-Lite Skylights installs residential solar tubes/tubular skylights for homes in the Tucson, Arizona area.

Our residential tubular skylights/solar tubes can transform the darkest rooms in your home into much brighter areas. Installing residential solar tubes is affordable because there isn’t a need to make structural changes to your house like some other types of energy products. We can install all different sizes of solar tubes top meet the requirements of any small to large home. Installing skylights will save you money, light your rooms and offer health benefits.

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Commercial Tubular Skylights

Commercial Tubular Skylights Sante Fe - Commercial Solar Tubes Sante Fe

Commercial solar tubes /tubular skylights let natural daylight enter your business while also giving you the benefits of spending less money on electricity. Tru-Lite Skylights installs commercial solar tubes/tubular skylights for warehouses, gymnasiums, offices and more.

There is plenty of evidence which proves that receiving natural light exposure, especially in the morning, can have positive effects on alertness, metabolism and mood. Allowing natural daylight into your commercial facility  helps reduce your building’s reliance on utility power to save money and create artificial light. Facilities that use a lot of traditional lighting 24 hours a day will especially benefit from installing solar tubes.

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Tubular Skylight Benefits

Installing Tubular Skylights in your home or business offers many benefits including:

  • Blends directly into the roof line
  • Tubular skylights are affordable
  • Bug & dust proof sealing system
  • UV protection from fading clothing, furniture, rugs, etc
  • No leaks, Water tight and maintenance free
  • Quick and easy installation – Only a few steps needed
  • No structural changes needed (No Painting or Wiring)
  • Fits nearly any pitch of roof and can adapt to nearly any kind of roofing system
  • Can install residential or commercial tubular skylights

Solar Tube Reviews | Tubular Skylight Reviews

They REALLY know what they are doing and they made some KILLER RECOMMENDATIONS to us which we’ve been extremely happy about. We trust them. Highly recommended. We’ve purchased 4 skylights from them. 100% happy.
Patrick CTubular Skylights Tucson, Arizona

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Take a look at our 5 star tubular skylight reviews and solar tube reviews In Tucson, Arizona. View our tubular skylight installation gallery or read our FAQ’s if you have more questions. Give us a call today at (505) 438-0040 or fill out our estimate form for a free solar tube quote in Tucson. We also offer solar tubes in Phoenix.

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If you are searching for “Tubular Skylights” or “Solar Tubes” in Tucson, South Tucson, Casas Adobes, Oro Valley, Tortolita, Flowing Wells, Drexel Heights or Tanque Verde, Arizona, our dealer Tru-Lite Skylights can help!