How Long Do Skylights Last?
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How Long Do Skylights Last?

Skylights will last an average of 8-15 years, according to Plasteco. The life expectancy of the skylights will either increase or decrease depending on the quality of the light itself and installation.

How To Maximize A Skylight’s Life Expectancy

Here are a couple of the best possible ways to maximize your skylight’s lifespan:

Proper Skylight Positioning

Ideally, a skylight should produce/allow a sufficient amount of sunlight through its transparent panes. When you place the skylight in the best possible spot in your home, it will enhance the area’s illumination. Put the skylight in a position where it can maximize light reception during the installation process. If you are looking for the most light possible to enter the home, position the skylight facing south. Of course, a north facing skylight offers more of a softer lighting within the home.

Routine Maintenance

Throughout its life, a skylight will require some maintenance needs. While a daily or weekly cleaning is not necessary, it’s vital to watch for any signs of damage to the skylight. Routine maintenance simply means cleaning both sides of the light. Perform any maintenance tasks whenever you notice leaks or cracks in the lighting. A lack of maintenance is one of the biggest factors preventing a long and healthy life for your skylight. Contact the professionals for any and all maintenance needs today!

What Causes Damage To Skylights?

A few things can cause damage to your skylights. These factors include:

Faulty Repairs

Avoid any mistakes by choosing professional services for any repair needs. Leaks or cracks will require professional care.

Poor Installation

This is the number one reason why a skylight’s life expectancy will decrease. Poor installations will ultimately lead to cracks and leaks. If the skylight is not in the best spot in the home or sealed improperly, this can cause numerous issues.

When Should You Replace A Skylight?

Here are a few signs that your skylight needs to be replaced:

Cracks On Panes

The most obvious sign that you need a replacement is whenever you notice any cracks on the panes. Cracks will allow heat and water into the home. While the cracks will generally start small, the gaps can increase quickly over time. Not only will this reduce the skylight efficiency, it will also increase your heating costs.


Leaks can be the worst possible problem facing your skylight. Remember, a skylight is just like a window – it’s part of your roofing. When leaks persist, this can cause damage to the surrounding areas, and create mold and mildew.


Skylights can become discolored over the years. Any yellowing will prevent sufficient light from entering the home. Furthermore, you may also notice some peeling or bubbling forming on the drywall surrounding the skylight at this time. Any time that the skylight fails to do its job at the highest level, a replacement is recommended.

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How To Replace A Skylight Dome
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How To Replace A Skylight Dome

Quality skylight domes are made of acrylic and polycarbonate, in most cases. So, what causes damage to skylight domes and how can you replace one of these domes?

If you are searching for “how to replace a skylight dome“, we’re here to help!

Ways To Replace A Skylight Dome

Here is the best way to replace a typical skylight dome:

  • Start by drilling the rivet out.
  • Remove all existing trims on the skylight.
  • Pull off the existing (broken) skylight dome.
  • Replace the broken skylight dome.
  • Then replace the removed trims.
  • Rivet the trims back together.

Here is the best way to replace a traditional frame and dome:

  • Remove either the rivets or screw first.
  • Lift the frame and dome entirely.
  • Replace it with a new (traditional) frame and dome.
  • Rivet the new frame/dome so that it matches the old one.

How can you replace your dome with a framed sky window and glass? Follow these tips:

  • Entirely remove the frame and dome.
  • Make modifications, if necessary.
  • Custom fit your brand new frame window and glass.
  • Rivet the new skylight window frame.

What Causes Damage To Skylight Domes?

Several different weather situations can damage your skylight domes, making a replacement necessary. Here are a few of those situations:

  • Wind: Wind can change how any hailstorm reacts to the impacted area. Wind can change the speed at which the hail falls.
  • Hail: The size of the hail is the biggest issue here. Hail can cause noticable damage to your skylights.
  • Roofing Material: Some materials have the ability to absorb the impact of hailstorms. Hail can permanently dent metal roofing. Tile roofs do protect well against hailstorms.
  • Glass: Only bigger, more intense hailstorms have been shown to break glass.
  • Polymer: These domed skylights can withstand smaller/medium-sized storms. However, all materials are likely to be damaged during large hailstorms.

Elite Solar Lighting & Fans Is A Skylight Installer Located In Arizona

Elite Solar Lighting & Fans offers residential and commercial solar tube installation services throughout the entire united states, including Arizona, California, New Mexico, and more.