How To Replace A Skylight Dome
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How To Replace A Skylight Dome

Quality skylight domes are made of acrylic and polycarbonate, in most cases. So, what causes damage to skylight domes and how can you replace one of these domes?

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Ways To Replace A Skylight Dome

Here is the best way to replace a typical skylight dome:

  • Start by drilling the rivet out.
  • Remove all existing trims on the skylight.
  • Pull off the existing (broken) skylight dome.
  • Replace the broken skylight dome.
  • Then replace the removed trims.
  • Rivet the trims back together.

Here is the best way to replace a traditional frame and dome:

  • Remove either the rivets or screw first.
  • Lift the frame and dome entirely.
  • Replace it with a new (traditional) frame and dome.
  • Rivet the new frame/dome so that it matches the old one.

How can you replace your dome with a framed sky window and glass? Follow these tips:

  • Entirely remove the frame and dome.
  • Make modifications, if necessary.
  • Custom fit your brand new frame window and glass.
  • Rivet the new skylight window frame.

What Causes Damage To Skylight Domes?

Several different weather situations can damage your skylight domes, making a replacement necessary. Here are a few of those situations:

  • Wind: Wind can change how any hailstorm reacts to the impacted area. Wind can change the speed at which the hail falls.
  • Hail: The size of the hail is the biggest issue here. Hail can cause noticable damage to your skylights.
  • Roofing Material: Some materials have the ability to absorb the impact of hailstorms. Hail can permanently dent metal roofing. Tile roofs do protect well against hailstorms.
  • Glass: Only bigger, more intense hailstorms have been shown to break glass.
  • Polymer: These domed skylights can withstand smaller/medium-sized storms. However, all materials are likely to be damaged during large hailstorms.

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